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According to their different needs, schools and groups who have set up breakfast programs for children have received funding from Childhood-Enfance, a program initiated and supported by Delta Bingo & Gaming Sudbury, formerly Bingo One.


Childhood-Enfance is a registered charitable organization. Its charter stipulates that all funds collected are to be used solely to purchase food for children in need.

There are currently fifty schools involved in Breakfast, Snack, and Lunch programs that receive funding from Childhood-Enfance. Schools have different ways of ensuring the distribution of food to the children in their care.

There are so many people involved in these food distribution programs that it would be impossible for us to know all of them: school principals, group coordinators, teachers, teaching assistants, parents, grandparents, church volunteers, students, and more.


Funding aside, Childhood-Enfance recognizes that its programs are made possible with the valuable help of all these people who do the shopping, the food preparation, the distribution of food, and the cleaning up.

If you are interested in operating a breakfast program at your school and would like to apply for funding, please fill out our application form below.

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